Why Work With Us?


Short answer:

We are radically pro-customer.  We make sure you get the station you want and support it indefinitely.


Long answer:

Our customer service experience starts when you first contact us, and as far as we are concerned, never ends.  This is the essence of the PAS experience.  We support our customers and products indefinitely.  We are here for you.  Period.


During the product development cycle, a customer can be as involved as they like.  Some customers like to be more hands-off, while others prefer weekly progress calls and have significant engineering input on the product.  We are happy either way, whatever you prefer.


After delivery, we go through a punch list and verify that your requirements are met.  Any corrective actions happen immediately.


Finally, we keep in contact to make sure things are cool.


Oh yeah, there are lots of other reasons to buy from us too, like:

  • Our creative and flexible solutions to photonics problems
  • Our extensive experience in test station and burn in rack design
  • Our pricing, which is very competitive with doing it ‘in-house’ due to our lean operation


In the end though, we are all about the customer, and that’s our true advantage.