“Photonics Automation Specialties designed and assembled a thick film active laser trim system for us including optics, xy table with motion control integrated into a test program and operator GUI. They   enjoy their work and it shows in the results.” - Paul Warburton


“Photonics Automation Specialties has not only the computer and test instrument integration skills, but they also have a very good knowledge of electronics. PAS did two kinds of auto tester for chip testing. The auto tester is used to test IC chips with Keysight LCR meter, Keysight High impedance low current instrument, High Voltage/current source meter, with user friendly Operator GUI interface. It also includes mechanical loading and unloading structure. The two systems are well thought and well designed in terms of mechanical, electrical and software. The layout of the operator GUI is very well designed. Both systems are used on the production line. Jerry at PAS is a very good communicator. He always tries his best effort to satisfy his customers. I am very happy for what he did for the projects. Highly recommended.” - Kevin B

“My experience with Photonics Automation Specialties, LLC has been nothing short of exceptional! They are an amazing resource for us in regards to technical solutions in automation, all the equipment they designed for us are highly reliable and efficient to accommodate our production floor for testing. They have never said NO for finding solutions regardless of what our issues were, and the service is top-notch with their best attitudes. Photonics Automation Specialties, LLC has surpassed all our expectations and I am very proud to work with them.” - Faraz Hashmi


“Some Integrated life testers designed and built by Photonics Automation Specialties were in addition to our life testing equipment, to measure and track our products reliability performance. With a user friendly interface and quality delivery of data, our data analysis are made simpler in presenting our product qualification.” - Aloy Inyang


“Photonics Automation Specialties stepped in with their knowledge of software control of instruments to assist us in delivering one of our latest products on-time.  They stuck with us, making our problems theirs, through an extremely challenging process and timeline and helped us to deliver an excellent product to our very happy customer.” Paul X