Beam Profiling


High-Power Diverging Beam Profiler



USB3.1 real-time high-power (up to 500W) camera-based diverging beam profiler & metrology tool. 

Continuously captures and analyzes both the near-field and far-field images for small (<1mm diameter)
diverging sources such as fiber coupled lasers, single emitters, and TO-Cans.

  • Axial and radial measurements for both near-field and far-field
  • Far-field center, widths, aspect ratio, and power distribution with NA
  • Near-field center, widths, aspect ratio, core/cladding power, and power distribution with radius


  • High-intensity source inspection and characterization
  • Real-time optical assembly optimization


  • PC-based. Can be used standalone or with an existing application via .NET interface
  • Optical taps for connecting other instruments (photodiodes/spectrometers)
  • Water-cooled, with included flow switch for interlocking

Other Features

  • Superior dynamic range of 48 dB
  • Continuous or pulse mode operation

Technical Specs

  • Maximum input power (CW): 500W
  • Minimum input power (CW): <0.1W
  • Maximum input NA: 0.30
  • Maximum source diameter: ~1mm
  • Operating wavelengths: 400-1050nm (Other custom wavelength ranges available)
  • General purpose optical outputs (SMA): 4
  • Other Outputs:
    • 2 Optical fiber light taps for exterior instrumentation
    • Photodiode output
    • Internal water flow switch relay contact
  • Dimensions: 250mm W x 325mm D x 250mm H


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