Laser Diode Test Stations

Laser Test Station

Our test stations are easy to operate, easy to maintain, and are customizable in both the hardware and software to conduct whatever tests you need.

We utilize standard subtests that can be combined into a single test station. By combining these subtests, we can create customized test stations with mature code and hardware.

  • We support all known laser-diode types and cooling methods
  • We can customize to support any type of test

Products Supported:

Our test stations can be configured to support:

  • Fiber-coupled and uncoupled laser diodes
  • Passively and actively-cooled devices
  • Single emitters, bars, and stacks
  • Lensed or unlensed devices
  • CW or pulsed devices or recipes
  • High-current (>300A) and high-voltage (>80V) devices

Sub-Test Types:

Different sub-tests can be combined into a single station.

  • LIV++ (LIV + Spectrum + Polarization (optional))
    • This obtains device voltage, beam intensity, spectrum and polarization as a function of current
  • Emitter Profiling (bars/stacks – counts emitters & analyzes per-emitter brightness)
  • Pointing and Divergence Distribution (fiber couple only)
  • Laser Beam Visualization (images/analyzes near-field/mid-field/far-field)
  • Fiber Coupled Visualization (images near-field/mid-field/far-field)

Other Features:

  • Recipe-driven: Devices can be tested under a variety of test conditions.
  • Multiple Interlocks: These protect both the devices and the test station in the event of an illegal operating condition.
  • Optical Power Interlock:  For testers that require an optical power measurement, this quickly cuts the power supply output if the device optical power goes below a critical level.  This prevents the device from destroying itself and allows for diagnostics or rework.  It is available for both pulsed and CW operation.

We have the right solution for you.