Swing-Arm Spectrometer

This device is capable of sampling the spectrum from a light source over an arc of nearly 180 degrees. It returns intensity and spectral information as a function of angle.

It is typically interfaced with a PC using our software and a USB3 port.

This instrument can be customized to work over different wavelength ranges.


Products Supported:

While this is primarily a CW instrument, pulsed sources can be run if the pulse rate is an even multiple of the spectrometer integration time.

Parameters Calculated as a Function of Angle:

  • Relative & integrated intensity
  • Spectral centroid, FWHM & FW10%Max
  • Color temperature
  • Color rendering index
  • CIEx & CIEy
  • Percent power above set wavelength

Other Features:

  • Comparison of intensity and spectrum between 2 angles
  • Data export in CSV format
  • Beam width and pointing calculation

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