Know Your Fiber-Coupled Laser Output

Real-Time Fiber-Coupled High-Power Profiling

  • Goniometric Radiometer + Fiber tip imager
  • Imaging based high-intensity profiling for both far-field and near-field in one instrument
  • Real-time image acquisition and analysis
  • Capable of high source input power greater than 500W!
  • Superior dynamic range of 48 dB
  • No moving mechanisms for easy maintenance and long-term reliability
  • Less sensitive to XY plane misalignment compared to rotating scanners
  • Pulse mode operation supports various pulse repetition rates
  • Software .NET interface to enable control from outside applications


  • Fiber inspection and characterization
  • Laser diodes and other light sources
    • Fiber coupling characterization
    • Real-time optical assembly and lensing optimization
  • Measure:
    • Far field Numerical Aperture (NA) and power distribution with NA
    • Near field power ratio and power distribution with radius
    • Core vs. cladding optical power ratio
    • Options to integrate other optical measurements such as spectrum & optical power.
    • Can be used as an integral part of an LIV station.

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