Laser Diode Burn-In Racks

Don't think of it as a Burn-in Rack. Think of it as a Multi-position Test Station.

The sky is the limit with our burn-in racks. We have standard models, but if you want something special, we’re up for the challenge!

  • All our racks are capable of accurate measurements of typical diode parameters and multi-step burn-in recipes.  We can even run LIV+Spectrum on our racks!
  • The newest addition to our rack family is the new small-footprint single-bay rack.  This rack will allow up to 25 KW of burn-in capacity within a standard 19" rack footprint.
  • We support all known laser diode formats and cooling methods.
  • Our burn-in racks are optimized for the application

Rack Format:

We have 3 rack formats:

  • Single-Bay (Small footprint) - Optimized to take up the minimum floor space.
  • Double-Bay - Supports many more devices than a single-bay rack
  • Multi-Bay - Similar to the double-bay racks except even more devices can be run.

Products Supported:

Our burn-in racks can be configured to support:

  • Fiber-coupled and uncoupled laser diodes
  • Passively and actively-cooled devices
  • Single emitters, bars, and stacks
  • Lensed or unlensed devices
  • CW or pulsed devices or recipes
  • High-current (>300A) and high-voltage (>80V) devices
  • A mix of all of the above

Measurements Supported:

  • Device current
  • Device voltage
  • Cooling water input & output temperature
  • Cooling water flow rate (optional)
  • Cooling water input & output pressure (optional)
  • Fiber boot temperature (optional, fiber-coupled devices only)
  • Optical output (optional)
  • Wavelength (optional)
  • Custom measurement types as specified by customer (optional)

Other Features: