Design Philosophy

Our goal is to make the highest-quality, longest-lasting, most maintenance-free custom instruments, laser test stations, and laser burn-in racks in the world.


Effective Custom Automation Solutions

We work with our customers to ensure they get the laser test station or laser burn-in rack they want.  From initial specs to post-delivery modifications, we maintain a very high level of customer engagement. We deliver outstanding Customer Service by providing you with direct access to technical support resources before, during and after the sale.

Leverage Your Existing Equipment

We will look at the hardware you have to see if we can either modify it or just use existing working components.  Often this is the most cost-effective solution, and we've done it many times.


Quality Hardware and Software

Our designs are general-purpose and robust. We use top-quality components that are made to last. Parts that require maintenance are kept accessible. We build in operational flexibility where possible. Software is data-driven for flexibility.

Onshore or Outsource

We have supported outsource partners in Thailand, Malaysia, and China. We are familiar with the special challenges presented by remote manufacturing facilities. Our hardware and software is designed to be easy to use and able to be supported by remote engineers.


Short Delivery Times

We have alliances with local machine shops and other engineering specialties. This allows us to ramp-up on a project and deliver very quickly. As a result, we can go from concept-freeze to delivery in as little as 8 weeks, depending on performance requirements and system complexity.

We have the right solution for you.